How to Connect a Women's Lacrosse Shaft to the Head

Stick shafts and heads are close to the same size across munfacturers.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Like men's sticks, women's lacrosse sticks are composed of a separate head and shaft. Hitting the lacrosse field with a properly sized stick shaft and a quality head helps you shoot and pass to your peak potential. Connecting a head and shaft produced by the same manufacturer ensures a snug fit. Although mixing and matching components from different brands may lead to slight connection difficulties, you can usually solve connection problems by softening the head's connective plastic.

Connect Head to Shaft


Remove the screws that connect your existing stick shaft and head.


Pull the head off of the shaft. Hold the head between your feet for extra leverage if the head is stuck in place, or step on the head for even more leverage if you're about to replace it with a new one.


Discard the part you're replacing, or save it for emergency use or spare parts.


Slide the throat of the head into the top of the metal shaft. You may need to soften the plastic throat if you can't get it to connect at first.


Turn the head so that it is aligned flush to the shaft.


Twist in the screws to secure the shaft to the head.

Softening the Head


Fill a microwave-safe cup with water.


Microwave the glass of water on high for three minutes.


Dip the head in the hot water for 20 seconds. Submerge the throat of the head as far into the water as you can.


Slip the top of the shaft over the throat of the head while the heated plastic is still malleable.

Things Needed

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Microwave-safe glass